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Ok, I said I would share my thoughts on the changes and after reading around the subject and speaking to lots of experts, here they are:

The announcement today relates to ‘posts’ not ads – the general consensus is that this will take us yet further away from organic reach (something we knew was coming). This means it’s more important than ever to create engaging content (that will make your audience like/ comment/ share) and include a paid strategy in your overall marketing plan.

Facebook have been facing a lot of backlash for the amount of junk and ‘fake news’ cluttering up your news feed, this step will help clear that out, so you are more likely to see the content that matters to you – that is a good thing 

My overall advice for this is to not panic! I know when announcements like this are made, people go into overdrive (I’m looking at YOU Instagram timeline change!) but the changes will be rolled out gradually and if there is one thing we are good at as small business owners, it is adapting and dealing with change.

Things to keep doing:

– Create engaging content that will create positive reactions (no click bait, no controversy)
– Get comfortable with going LIVE – they will be putting much more focus on Lives than uploaded videos
– Start looking at your page as a community rather than a ‘fan page’. Look at starting a group and creating a community around your niche/ industry.

Things to stop doing:

– Posting for the sake of it. Create and post content with intent and measure the results
– Using spammy/ click bait headlines
– Baiting for engagement; no more ‘like this’/ ‘share this’ in your posts.

If any of you want to discuss your ads/ social in more details, please get in touch for info on my consultancy packages and we can get you set up ready for the changes!