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I’m Amanda, and I work with small businesses to increase their online sales through smart marketing and simple action planning.


In a world of information overload and infinite options, I offer a common sense approach to help you take back control of your sales.


Online Courses

Quick and easy-to-consume courses covering everything from social media to strategy, design to data analysing and everything in between. A blueprint for taking your business to the next level.

Support & Mentoring

From in depth 1- 1’s to ongoing mentoring and coaching, I offer a full consultancy service
to ensure you and your business are on the right tracks.

Private Community

Join our private Facebook group where you will get support, cheerleading, and practical advice
when you need
it most.

“Amanda is an extraordinarily talented entrepreneurial person. Often you meet people with great talent, but they’re lacking in other areas, this isn’t the case with Amanda. She has phenomenal people skills, she’s naturally ambitious (which is infectious), she thinks differently and all of this is fuelled by a tremendous work ethic.
Would love to work alongside Amanda on a project again soon!”

Steven Bartlett

CEO, Social Chain

After doing multiple online courses about Facebook ads and still feeling utterly confused and lost, I signed up for the online ‘FB Ads for Success Workshop’ and I am so glad I did. It was all explained really clearly with us able to see on-screen what Amanda was doing in the ads manager as she went through it all. It all made so much more sense in the way that she explained it – it doesn’t even seem that complicated anymore. She followed up the workshop with a 5-day challenge and small Facebook group for workshop attendees so we could work together and ask questions if we were stuck. So much invaluable help for FB ads – I am one very happy cookie

Gemma Hutchinson

Newton & the Apple

I’ve just finished a really informative FB ads for success course with Amanda. I literally didn’t have a clue where to begin, but now I am confident as to how to set one up and to look into audiences and sales funnel objectives. The only thing holding me back now is me-Amanda has been consistent with her support and at ease answering all of my questions.

Aimee Louise Richards-Welton

Miss Bespoke Papercuts

I did Amanda’s Facebook Ads for Success course in February and couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Despite the course being one of the cheaper options she offers, Amanda was as diligent and willing to help with individual questions as if we were one-to-one clients, even overrunning the workshop to deal with our questions and setting up a private facebook group for extra support. Her coaching style is clear, concise and speaks in real terms. Amanda really went above and beyond. Thanks Amanda!

Sophie Cooke

Crown & Glory




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