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So you’ve worked hard to create a fantastic ad campaign for your product. You’ve spent hours thinking of funny, engaging copy, you have great images that really represent what you’re selling, and you’ve perfectly targeted your key demographic.

And things are going great!

But suddenly one day you log onto Facebook, and see things have taken a bit of a turn for the worse and your perfectly designed ad suddenly isn’t pulling in the return you planned on. Argh! It can be so frustrating when your hard work isn’t as successful as you hoped. But never fear, this is both totally normal, and totally avoidable!

I’m sure we’ve all been mindlessly scrolling through Facebook (probably when we should be working!) and inwardly tutted because we’ve seen the same ad for the same product for the fourth time this week, and at this point it barely even pulls a quick glance from you. Just like we would get bored if we ate the same meal every single day, we also get sick of seeing the same ads every single day.

It’s known as ‘ad fatigue’; the feeling of exhaustion that “people get after a digital ad follows them everywhere they go online”. A well designed ad can initially grab the viewer and inspire a high click through rate. But once the frequency (aka the amount of time the same person will see the same ad) starts to increase, the audience will start to mentally shut off. A study by OpenX and the Mobile Marketing Association found that 85% of consumers feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of ads they are being hit with, and that 67% of those ads don’t even seem relevant to their interests. Unfortunately when this happens we can start to see our ROAS take a bit of a tumble, which can be every marketeer’s nightmare! 😤

how ad fatigue can effect your campaign

Well, you might be thinking, that’s all well and good, but what should I do about it?! While there’s no such luck as a quick fix for ad fatigue, there are a few tips I can offer that may help!

  • Mix it Up!
mix it up

A little bit of experimentation may be the key to shaking up your ad campaign, and getting those results you’re looking for. While you may think you’ve cracked the perfect formula for your target audience and ad frequency, playing around with these settings can ensure your content is seen by different demographics and doesn’t become old news as easily. Something useful could also be to use Lookalike Audiences to increase your potential reach and tap into a new consumer base who will love your fantastic products!

On her blog, Karola Karlson of SaaS startup Scoro talks about how when they first began to use Facebook advertising they were completely unaware of the conversion funnel, and instead were just randomly targeting those who had little knowledge of their product but had displayed vaguely similar interests.. As a result, they were experiencing terrible results on their ads. However, after deciding to retarget them towards those who had already browsed their landing page, they managed to turn it around and were able to use facebook marketing to gain leads, showing how strategic changes can have a massive effect!

  • Get Creative

Just like your wardrobe might need a Spring Clean, your content might benefit from it too, and the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. Facebook ads are usually visual, so choosing a different image to accompany your copy, or even doing something as simple as flipping the image or altering the colouring may go a long way to being more exciting on the eyes. If you’ve only ever used still images for your ads, it may also be fun to get stuck in and create some video adverts. Don’t neglect the copy while you’re sprucing up your ads either; a fresh new headline or inspiring call to action may make all the difference when it comes to drawing consumers to your ecom platform.

A great example of how much of a difference a bit of creative thinking can make to your engagement can be seen in promotional video company Promo last year. While they had traditionally used classic and more general videos to try and encourage sign ups to their service, last year they decided to change it up and go for something funny and quirky, and saw almost a 42% rise in sign ups than they had with their standard promotional videos, showing that a bit of out of the box thinking and a refresh of your content can reap huge rewards!

  • Evaluate Your Objective

The great thing about Facebook Ads is you can really be specific with how you want to tailor your marketing, even down to what the objective of your ad campaign is. If you’re suddenly finding that your ad isn’t striking the chord it previously was, a great way to shake things up could be to alter this objective. Where you might previously have created an advert to create conversion to your website to buy your product, why not try changing your objective to monitor the post engagement your content is creating? Not only will this mean your ads are being pushed to a different segment of your target audience, you will also gain some new and valuable insight into your analytics, and hopefully encourage more potential customers into your funnel. Magic!

So if you’re struggling with some audience ad fatigue, why not give these handy tips a go and let us know what worked for you?

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