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So many biz owners are quick to dismiss the importance of mindset when it comes to growing their brand; discarding it as idealistic or unimportant. Believe me, I used to be like that- pouring time and energy into building my business, without ever stopping to consider how my headspace at the time could affect my success. 

Turns out, mindset is sooo much more than meditation and green smoothies and expensive retreats! Getting your mindset right can play a huge part in how you approach running your business and the strategic decisions you make, and can basically make or break your success. There’s nothing more detrimental to a new biz than defeatist thinking and feeling like you’ve lost before you’ve even begun! The cliches are true- dream big, win big, and if you don’t believe you can succeed and act accordingly, your biz is heading to a hasty end. 

Here are three of my top tips for how I revolutionised my thinking, and brought a whole new positive mindset to my biz! ✨


This was a BIGGIE for me. If you’re a small business owner, you know how tight finances can be, especially if you’ve experienced a couple knockbacks or failures (we’ve all been there!). I know how it feels to be terrified to do your accounts, and be desperately waiting for your invoices to clear. It can be a scary, uncertain time when you’re waiting for your brand to blow, and money and budgeting can often be the biggest reasons for that. 

When you’re low on money it can be easy to get trapped in a scarcity mindset: we can’t afford that, that’s not in our budget, that’s not worth the money, etc., and we think this is being responsible, but it’s often being detrimental! When you approach your business budget with the thinking that you can’t spend ANY money, you don’t give your brand the freedom to grow, and you don’t give yourself the permission to invest in the things that will help you achieve success! 

Try this exercise next time you need to splash out on an expense that will benefit your brand (e.g. getting professional product photos taken, outsourcing your social media, buying equipment or software). Rather than think ‘that’s too expensive for us to afford right now’ think ‘this item is expensive, but having it will help my business to grow and bring in revenue, and therefore it is worth it’. Remember, this only applies to sensible investments, so don’t go too over the top with this! 😉


When the ad space is so saturated, it can be easy to feel disheartened, and like your brand will never be heard amongst the noise. You can start to believe your own defeatist thoughts like “I’ll never be better than them!” or “My company will never be as good as them!”, and send yourself spiralling down into a negative place. We’ve all been there, and with social media playing such a prominent place in our lives, it’s easier than ever to feel like you’re suffocating under the pressure to be ‘the best’. 

One of the healthiest things you can do for your company is to develop an abundance mindset, and since transitioning to thinking this way, I feel like my business has thrived, and I’ve approached it with a much more positive perspective. Yes, there may be many companies out there similar to yourself who are using Facebook ads. Yes, your niche may be quite crowded, so wins may be harder to achieve. But, what’s great about Facebook is the playing field is MASSIVE. Facebook has approximately 8 billion monthly users, and those are all potential people for you to put your product in front of. Even the most successful company couldn’t supply them all!

Just because there are others out there doing what you do, doesn’t mean you can’t also thrive and be successful. While many brands occupy the same niche, they all have slightly different USPs, different brand values, and different ideal consumers, so even if you feel like EVERYBODY is selling your product, just remember, you DO have something different to offer. 

 Move away from a combative, competitive view of other brands, and start to embrace the fact that there’s more than enough room for everyone, and I promise your headspace will start feeling so much better! 


Don’t pigeonhole your brand by seeing yourself as a small company, otherwise you’ll only ever make business decisions that reflect that. It’s about creating a perspective that focuses on growth and where your business will be, rather than where it is currently. If you’re truly invested in growing and scaling your brand, every decision you make should be based on creating future growth, and should have long-term benefits. You need to be able to see this bigger picture.

Scaling your brand is about building a vehicle for macrocosmic success and lasting returns, so you can’t get too bogged down focusing on the minute details. Really make yourself believe your brand is successful and is making an impact, and the good thoughts will translate into you making beneficial business moves! 

And on the other hand (not to contradict myself), maybe you don’t want to scale at all? Lots of biz owners feel pressure to score huge returns and make millions, and exhaust their mental energy reaching for this growth. And when they find it, they see that not only can their operation not cope under the weight of it, but they also were happier making less money and flying under the radar.

Really think about what you want from your brand, and where you see it going. Think about what would truly make you happy. Are you happy to turn a small profit if you’re able to make a career from your passion, or do you have dreams of making the next big brand that will go global? You may be surprised what your answer is! 

These three things may seem like little changes, but they make all the difference! It is amazing how much of a role your mindset can play in your success, so now truly is the time to work on building that PMA (positive mental attitude). 

Let me know how you get on! 

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