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Email marketing is dead, right? 🤔

You wouldn’t believe the amount of clients I speak to that have completely dismissed email marketing and chosen not to focus any of their efforts on it, citing tighter GDPR regulations and high unsubscribe rates as the reason that they simply don’t feel email marketing is worth the money anymore. They see it as old school and ineffective, choosing instead to take to social media and slide in the DM’s of their potential customers, or instead focusing on their advertising via social media.

But the fact of the matter is that over 92% of the world have at least one email account, and with internet users now topping over 4 billion, this is a huge market you may be missing out on! While shooting over a quick Instagram DM may seem a quicker and easier way to contact a potential client, you can’t ignore the fact that email is the single most wide-reaching way to directly target an individual with your message. In an ideal world, 30% of your sales should come from your email list, which is a huge amount of return, so why would you dismiss an entire marketing avenue with such huge profit potential?

So why are so many brands so skeptical of email marketing, and so quick to pronounce it dead and buried? Many companies say that they send out regular emails and all it results in is unsubscribers, and it is true that 78% of people have admitted to unsubscribing from annoying email services, which may explain why so many people feel that sending email marketing might be pointless. Equally, with tighter restrictions in the wake of GDPR, sending out cold emails can be a bit of a minefield! 💣  But does this make email marketing pointless, or is the reality just that businesses need to learn how to adapt their email marketing in order to truly reap the benefits of it?

Here are some handy tips for recognising if your email marketing strategy could do with some serious work:

  • You’re sending too many emails!

Is there anything more annoying than purchasing something from a brand, only to be constantly bombarded with an endless stream of their emails?! Nothing will get people unsubscribing quicker than spamming them with correspondence, so try to limit your email marketing to only the important stuff like new products, sales and promotions, and anything else relevant to them, such as a confirmation of their order or a response to their customer service query. Remember, your customers ARE interested in your brand, that’s why they’re your customers, but they don’t need to kept up to date with every little happening in your company. An email blast once or twice a week is fine, seriously.

  • You’re sending the wrong emails, to the wrong people!

Yes, it may be an utter nightmare, but regularly cleansing your data and updating your customer details is SO important. So many clients have approached me with the same complaint that they’re sending out email marketing in high volume and getting very little engagement back, but when I dig deeper into their email list, it’s absolute chaos! They either have hundreds of bounced emails that are a total dead-end, or forward to another person who never asked for your correspondence, or they have emails they’re addressing to totally the wrong person, with a subject totally irrelevant to them! It’s madness! 🤦🏼‍♀️ While it may seem like the ultimate goal to have a huge email list of potential customers, if most of the emails are dead ends, then all you’re doing is creating extra work for yourself further down the line when you need to remove these addresses. Not only this, but you’ll also be making it much more difficult to track open and click-through rate through your email automation service because of all the inaccurate data within your subscriber list. So give it a spring clean, I beg of you! 🙏🏻

  • You’re not providing value!

When you’re sending out emails to your subscriber list, a great rule of thumb is to consider “is this content something that will add value to their lives?” before you send the email! So many brands fail to consider their email marketing as content marketing, and fall back on sending the same tired ‘BUY THIS THING NOW’ messages, which is doing a complete disservice to the positive effect email marketing can have! It’s essential to make sure you’re sending interesting, informative and engaging content to your email list in order to give them a reason to first of all open the email, but second, to agree to keep receiving your correspondence.

  • You’re not being strategic with your emails!

It’s not enough to just blindly send out emails and hope for the best, you need to be strategic with your email marketing plan. Make sure you know what you want to send on a week by week basis, and coordinate this with new product releases, your seasonal schedule and any other important events that may affect your brand. Equally important in your email marketing strategy is how to use it in the best way to encourage customers into your sales funnel, and keep them in it at every stage of the customer journey. For example, most brands will send people who have ordered with them before an email letting them know about new products they might like, but they may forget to email said customers when they have items waiting in their basket they haven’t checked out. Making sure you catch your customers at every step of their journey is such a powerful way to maximise sales, and can be done very successfully with a strong marketing strategy and audience segmentation.

A top tip from me is that now Shopify no longer supports Mailchimp a lot of Ecommerce brands may be feeling out to sea with how to carry out their email marketing, but I highly recommend using Klaviyo as an alternative. It’s super user friendly, efficient, and packed with high powered tools to help you make the most of your subscriber list!

So, time to give your verdict: is email marketing truly dead, or do brands just need to learn to use it more efficiently?

Let me know what you think!

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