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Ok, so this is something I get asked about A LOT! People are confused about the term viral and also the benefits to their brand.

Viral content is SO important for building your Facebook page, here are a few reasons why:

– By nature of viral, people like and share like crazy, anyone who likes or reacts you can ‘invite’ you like your page
– By sharing people’s viral content you are piggy backing on their ‘FB juice’ (the algorithm has already spotted it as popular content so gives it more reach)
– It speaks to your audience in a new way, that sales and other posts can’t. Its creates an emotion in your audience that says ‘that is so me’/ ‘that brand really get me’. It really helps rapport

This is real foundation stuff – you won’t necessarily see it, but it will be the standing blocks of your page.

Some people still think viral content is bad memes or cat videos – not true! Viral content is anything that resonates with people enough for them to share it multiple times. I count viral as 10x page likes (without spend). So if you have 1000 people on your page and a post gets a reach of 10k, then it’s viral!

So now you can see that creating your own viral content is not only important but entirely possible – where to start?

Well, I have this bank of viral headers as a bit of a go-to when I need inspiration. Give them a go and see your blog posts and social content take off!

Let me know how you get on in the comments. Want more info? Check out my Facebook Live where I speak to Viral supremo Laura Davis from Virtually Savvy

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Viral builder

1 The Secret to Getting [Results]

2 The Little Mistake That Costs [Target Market] [Cost] a Year

3 How Much is [Problem] Really Costing You?

4 How to [Results] in [Number] Simple Steps

5 What I Did to Make [£] in [Number] Years

6 How to Do [Offer] the Right Way the First Time

7 [Number]-Point [Offer] Checklist

8 [Number] Things You Really Need to Know Before You [Action]

9 [Number] Habits of Insanely Successful Business Owners

10 Questions to Ask [Target Market] Before You Sign on the Dotted Line 11 [Number] Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again

12 What Nobody Tells You About [Scenario]

13 I REALLY Wish Someone Had Told Me This Before I [Action]

14 [Number] Things That Make You Look Clueless on [Platform]

15 Why the Heck Would You [Action]?

16 How I Got [Result] By Making This Unusual Mistake

17 You Won’t Believe How I [Action/Result]

18 [Number] Weird But Effective Ways to [Action]

19 What No-One Tells You About [Action]

20 [Number] Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About [Fact]

21 Get Smart… [Number] Ways to Deal with {Problem] Now

22 Who Else Wants [Offer]?

23 How to Give [Problem] the Boot and Win [Goal]

24 The Lazy [Role]’s Way to [Goal]

25 Solve All Your [Problem] by Doing…

26 Get the Same [Results] as Your Competitors

27 What Everybody Oughta Know About [Item]

28 How to [Product/Service] You Can Actually be Proud of

29 Want [Percentage] More Conversions from Your Site?

30 Cheatsheet: [Offer]

31 How to [Action] That Drives [Result]

32 How to [Action] in [Number] Easy Steps 33 How to [Action] In [Number] Days

34 The Anatomy of [Offerer] That Gets [Goal] 35 How to Use [Offer] to Stand Out

36 Quick Guide: [Offer]

37 How to Rock [Offer]

38 How to Make a Strong [Offer]

39 Give Me [Short Time Period] and I’ll Give You [Solution]

40 The Lazy [Role]’s Way to [Action]

41 Do You Recognise the [Number] Early Warning Signs of [Problem]? 42 See How Easily You Can [Result]

43 You Don’t Have to Be [Something Challenging] to Get [Goal]

44 Who Else Wants [Goal]?

45 The Secret of Turning [Problem] into [Result]

46 This Method is Helping [Role] to [Goal]

47 Little Known Ways to [Goal]

48 Get Rid of [Problem] Once and For All

49 Here’s a Quick Way to [Solve a Problem]

50 Now You Can Have [Goal] [Action]

51 Have to Build a [Goal] You Can be Proud of

52 What Everybody Ought to Know About [Problem]

53 Are You Out of the Loop About [Scenario]?

54 Don’t [Action] Without Reading This First!

55 [Number] Secrets for [Goal]

56 Need a [Offer]?

57 It Pays to [Action]

58 Make [Scenario] work for you

59 Are You Ready to [Action]?

60 Take the Guesswork Out of [Scenario]

61 The Easiest way to [Action]

62 [Number] of Things Your [Role] Doesn’t Tell You

63 [Number] [Type] Trends for [Year]

64 [Number] Amazing [Item] to Try Right Now

65 [Number] Insane [Items] That Will Give You [Result]

66 [Number] Questions You Should Ask Before You [Action]

67 [Number] Secrets to [Goal]

68 [Number] Resources to Help You Become [Goal]

69 [Number] [Type] Trends You Need To Know About Now

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