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How Do I Increase Sales for my Small Business? Well isn’t that just the question!

We are mid-heatwave – sales are slow as we eat ice cream and watch football. A lot of the traditional sales sources are flagging, marketplaces we have traditionally relied on for sales are also slow and we are left tearing our hair out.

As much as I want to tell you not to panic, I understand the fear. Having had product businesses for the last 12 years, I know exactly how difficult a slump can be. It’s hard not to take it personally and feel like it is just you as Insta is still full of people talking about how busy they are*

*they probably aren’t!

The staff still need paying, you still need a wage and you want the business that you love to succeed. Of course you do.

So let’s get practical.

What are some of the things we can do today to increase our sales:

  • Launch new product
    • A launch can increase sales by up to 20%, can you launch a new product or extend and already popular line? Think of some of your seasonal best sellers – can you develop them to sell all year round?
  • Social media
    • Make the most of your social media accounts. Run competitions, get product feedback from your audience, tell them about the things you have planned for your business. Getting engagement online means more people will see your products, and so the more you will sell! (It’s a numbers game!)
  • Email list
    • Do you have an email list? Do you use it? Email is such an effective sales tool. But don’t be one of those companies that just email when you want to sell something, treat your list as you would want to be treated and have a solid plan. Try and stick to a 1:2 plan – 1 sales email to 2 community emails. They can be behind the scenes, product development or seasonal campaigns, keep them fun and interesting so that when you send the sales email people are ready to buy!
  • FB ads
    • Obviously these are my favourite way of ramping up sales quickly, I have used them to grow my own businesses and help clients increase sales in a very short period of time. They aren’t for everyone and you do need to commit time to understand how they work, but they are well worth the effort!
  • Google Adwords
    • Completely different to FB ads, google ads work well if you have a product or service that people are searching for. Not all products solve an issue for the customer, so display ads (FB ads/ banner ads etc) would work better.
  • Local fair/ pop up shop
    • A great way to ramp up seasonal sales, check out your local area Facebook page or events sites to see what is coming up!
    • Pop up shops can be brilliant too, see if there are some other sellers in your area that would want to set up a shop for the summer!
  • Collabs
    • The small business community is so supportive, get into Facebook groups around your interest subject or industry and see if there are people in there you can collaborate with. You will have the benefit of sharing audiences as well as potentially developing a new product together.
    • How about collaborating with a charity? This can be a great way to get some PR and feel good as you are giving back. Not necessarily a quick fix, but can be loads of fun!
  • Diversifying
    • I know you love your product, I know you have put everything into it, but is there something else you can sell to get you through this little dry spell?

If you are interested in running Facebook ads for your own business, check out my 5 day online workshop which is now just £49!

The important thing to remember when you hit a dry patch like this is to stay calm, assess your options and see which ones will work best for you. Go through the list above and pick out the quick wins (Social media and Email are great ones to start with).

This will pass, and with a few tweaks you will be back to firing on all cylinders again! Please let me know which ones you try and what works best for you when things slow down, I’m rooting for you!

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