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In digital marketing, there is nothing more important than targeting. Finding ‘The One’ should be your number one focus when looking at a new advertising campaign or developing new products.

When I speak to clients, this is what happens 99% of the time:
Me: ‘Who is your customer?’
Them: ‘Well, everyone really!’


If you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one.

I try and use this analogy: Imagine walking into your town or city centre and just shouting out “does anyone want to buy my Sausage Dog Nursery Print?”

Whilst i’m sure your Sausage Dog Nursery Print is lovely, you have just wasted a whole load of energy shouting about it to people who don’t have kids/ people who hate dogs/ people who don’t care about making their house look pretty.

If you could somehow segment everyone in the city centre and ONLY shout your message to a group of people who have kids AND love dogs AND like to make their house look pretty then i’m sure you would agree you are far more likely to find a few buyers?

Well, that is exactly how FB ads work! You can segment your audience by choosing categories that your customers fit in to, right down to the finest detail you can find people who fit your exact customer profile.

And that is why EVERYTHING comes back to knowing your customer.

One trick I like to do is find an image of a person that looks like my ideal customer profile and pin it to my desk so when I am creating copy or creative for campaigns, I know I am speaking exactly to that person.

I get that this can feel slightly counter intuitive and that you feel like the more people you can tell about your product the better, but if you start thinking of it in terms of the above analogy then you can see that you are just wasting your voice (money) on the people who will NEVER be interested in buying your product.

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