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Do Facebook ads work? Ok, as far as marketing your product in 2018 goes – Facebook ads are probably as good a bet as you are going to get!

Let’s get real – there is no such thing as a free lunch, and like anything in life and marketing there are no guarantees, but if you’re not using Facebook ads, you’re really missing out.


Facebook boasts 1.5 billion monthly users, by far the largest social network with the widest range of user demographic. In August 2017 they hit a huge milestone of 1 billion unique users in 1 day… just think about that for a moment!

There 60 million businesses like you and I using Facebook to grow our brand, engage our audience and sell our product – how are you reaching your people now the algorithm only shows your content to 2 or 3% of them?

Due to the hundreds and thousands of data points Facebook holds on us, their targeting options are unparalleled by any other platform.
Think it’s scary that they know so much?
Try advertising a product suitable for new mums, aged between 35 and 44, living within 20 miles of your home town and you might just think again!

If that isn’t reason enough to be advertising, the ability to retarget your customers (thanks to the pixel) once they have visited your site is just absolute selling GOLD.

So, if that’s all the case, WHY are there only 2 million businesses advertising on the platform?!

Well, its complicated, and takes time to get right. I have spent thousands on testing and learning how to run successful ad funnels and campaigns.

I am a member of what is generally regarded the best FB ads mastermind in the world and have access to a world class team of experts at my fingertips.

So, do Facebook ads work for me? You bet they do!

Ask the client who got 9X ROAS across their campaign – spending £2,100.00 and getting a return of over £21k, or the coaching client who got 1,600 video views in 48 hours, leading to a sell out webinar.

If you are still running your own ads and getting frustrated – I get it.

I have been there and what I would tell you is that you can’t approach them without a strategy. I know that sounds boring, but actually it’s REALLY fun!

A strategic approach with a solid funnel and realistic budget WILL get you results. And fast.
But it is easy for your budget to run away with you, so if you feel like you need a little guidance book a FREE 20 minute consultancy call with me!

Ready to step your ads game up? Book a FREE 20 minute consultation call with me and let’s talk strategy!