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Learning curves funny things aren’t they? This week I found myself knee deep in one – it’s a situation that crops up every now and again, certainly for me –  but I reckon for a lot of people.

I had taken on a new client and was auditing their account when I came across something not quite right. After some digging around, I realised their pixel was linked to an incorrect account and I needed to go in and untangle a bit of a mess.

No problem, that is what I do! Except this really was a bit of a mess, Business Manager is not the most user friendly thing and it is easy to get into a pickle if you don’t work through it very methodically.

Suffice to say it wasn’t long before I was in a bit of a tangle. Despite knowing Business Manager, working methodically and knowing exactly when I needed to achieve, the tech gods just weren’t on my side.

Tech is such a funny thing isn’t it. You can’t just get your hands dirty and fix a problem and it can cause the biggest frustrations. So it wasn’t long before I was tearing my hair out and descending into full on panic/ ugly crying.

I had to really take a moment to take stock of the situation and change my mindset. Rather than being frustrated, I switched to being grateful that I had the skillset and resource to work out how to fix the issue so if I ever came across it again, I would know exactly what to do!

Sometimes the most frustrating situation can be an opportunity to up level your skills.

So next time you find yourself ugly crying through frustration, dry your eyes mate – a learning curve isn’t pretty but it sure is valuable!

What are your tricks for dealing with a steep learning curve? Tell me in the comments.

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