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Let me ask you a question. 

What’s the definition of a marketer’s dream? 







Let me tell you. 

A brand who seriously have their 💩 together. 

It’s always great being able to work with brands who’ve seriously NAILED IT, and we mean NAILED IT. A brand that knows their audience, has an amazing offer people can’t wait to snap up, and are constantly churning out epic and innovative products that are changing the game. Really. It’s heavenly. 

See, the thing with Facebook advertising is: there’s a lot of ugly babies. 👶

You might have noticed that Facebook is often a pretty saturated marketplace, and LOTS of brands are fighting for window space. Inevitably, not all brands are made equal. 🙅‍♀️ A lot of businesses will often substitute having solid foundations in place for chucking a ton of money at their ads and hoping for the best. But you know the phrase ‘you can’t put lipstick on a 🐷’? It applies here. 

As we ALWAYS say, ads are NOT a silver bullet ✋, and are always going to be doomed to fail if you don’t put in the work behind the scenes. No amount of ad spend can substitute poor products, a poor website, and a poor business structure. Sorry, not sorry. 

Lucky for us, we only work with brands that seriously kill it, and are built from hard work, passion, and a love for their customers, and that makes a huge difference to the results we can generate for them. If they’re crazy about their business, then we’re crazy about their business, and the returns WILL reflect that. 👏

Keep reading to find out how we helped Culture Hustle (aka a brand who should be on your radar immediately!) generate £13k of revenue in a week at a 3x return, through a combination of amazing foundations, and killer ad strategy. 🤜


Culture Hustle are an innovative company who create artist materials that are seriously unique. With artist Stuart Semple at the helm, they’re on a mission to bring the boldest, brightest and most potent and powerful paints to the artist community…all while screwing over Anish Kapoor of course! 👊

They had the second biggest Kickstarter IN HISTORY, and have created the blackest paint in the world! 

Check out Stuart’s doc on Prime Video here!

Listen to my podcast with Stuart here!


The client was launching a brand new product that was already receiving amazing feedback from their engaged audience, so we knew doubling down on this product launch in our ad strategy would be the key to success. 

By cherry picking the best scroll-stopping creative and copy that really sold the brand values and ideologies, we were able to begin to draw in cold traffic at the top of the funnel who found affinity with the brand and would then go on to become repeater purchasers with a high lifetime value. For this client, the key very much lay in longer form explainer and educational copy that was heavily benefits and pain-points focused, so utilising this we were really able to drive click through and conversion. 

As the client has such a large and varied audience spanning many niches and areas, it was important to be strategic with our targeting to achieve the most success. We found that targeting a combination of very niche interest audiences alongside broad audiences and lookalikes obtained from existing pixel data was the key to success, alongside segmenting out our UK and US targeting to be able to track the metrics effectively. 

What is important to note here that the ads were successful, yes, but they were successful because the offer was great, and the product was amazing, and we would not have succeeded without these things in place. 🙌 Because the client had worked hard on creating Black 3.0 as well as marketing it via other means like crowdfunding, there was a lot of buzz surrounding it, which meant this created an overall halo effect on revenue that perfectly complimented the ad strategy success. A match made in heaven. 👼


Within a week of the launch of Black 3.0 we had generated over £13k in sales at a 3x return with 553 purchases, as well as increased brand awareness. All of which helped the new product launch gain further traction and be even more successful.

So, what’s the lesson here? 

Well, it’s all about having the foundations in place! You can’t put all your hopes on Facebook ads, you need to be working hard behind the scenes to build solid brand foundations, and then you will truly see success! 

Ads are awesome (obviously!) but they AREN’T enough. You need a great offer, a great site, and most importantly, you need to have it together with your processes and planning, or the whole thing will definitely collapse! 

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