And so let’s begin….

Life has been difficult over the past few years – a failed business, family fall outs and other life challenges have resulted in me really not taking care of myself.

Despite repeated promises to myself and many successful Mondays – with the rest of the week descending into Beige Diet hell – I just haven’t been able to get a grip on my health and wellbeing.
I’m sure a counsellor would have a field day as to the reason why but I think if I’m honest, I just haven’t felt like I deserved to be a good version of me. Our lives are so busy these days, with so many twists and turns, it’s hard to keep your head and stay focussed, and that has been my main issue. No matter how hyped I am going to bed on the Sunday night, by teatime on Monday, I am usually ready to raid the biscuit tin/ cake shelf/ 24 hour garage.

I tried Slimming World as there are so many amazing success stories online, but just didn’t get on with it.
Being an avid foodie, I am aware of the food I put in my mouth – even when I know its the wrong food – I have always taken a keen interest in health and nutrition (my boyfriend says there is nothing I don’t know about dieting apart from how to stick at it) and I just didn’t like the way Slimming World/ Weight Watchers etc etc encourage people to eat low fat (high sugar) non nutritious foods and that there is little or no education about food health, rather, a full focus on ‘slimmer of the week’ or who’s found the best ‘cheat’ recipe.

I know there are people out there who have done amazingly well on them and contrary to health/ nutrition professionals, I do think they have their place. I think they give a lot of people a social way to lose weight in a way that fits in with family life. It gives them the tools and is wrapped in a neat marketing package that makes it easy to use – apps/ booklets/ websites etc all mean you can work out your meals Syn value to within an inch of its life.

It just wasn’t for me. So what is?

I have been massively inspired by so many people but have recently read Eat. Nourish. Glow by Amelia Freer which breaks things down in a really non patronising, simple way. Amelia has been credited with helping the likes of Sam Smith and Boy George get a grip on their health and weight, which was a good enough recommendation for me. The book is written as if you are in a consultation with her and make recommendations on how to detox your kitchen, what foods to avoid, the place of supplements in diet and loads and loads of recipes (Amelia stresses from the beginning the she is no chef, it’s about assembling the right foods on your plate to be delicious and balanced; protein, plant and healthy fats). Luckily for me, I am a chef – so this should be easy, right?

With so much conflicting information out there online and in press, I have decided to block out all of the noise and stick to Amelia’s simple principles. She recommends cutting out dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine and alcohol, which I think will be a challenge, but i’m definitely going to minimise them and cut out completely where possible.

So, join me on my journey to find health and wellbeing through nutritional food, exercise and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

And so let’s begin…